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5 Ways to Improve Your Inventory System

Barcoding Solutions for Small Businesses   

1.) No spreadhseets allowed!

  • Experts say, “Adopt barcodes with an automated inventory system as early as possible. Always plan for bigger than you are.

2.) Live by the 80/20 rule

  • Your focus should be on the 20% of your products/inventory that generates 80% of your profit

3.) Get rid of old stock

  • Old stock only gets in the way of positive work flow. Liquidate it, dispose of it, move it.




4) Plan your warehouse space

  • Fast movers should be the easiest to get to
  • Average movers – fairly easy to get to
  • Special orders – out of the way buy visible
  • Dead Inventory – out of the way

5.) Practicing rule #4 leads to rule #5

  • Practice first in; first out – this helps keep inventory fresh and clean no matter what you sell

* Excerpts taken from

barcodes for small business