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To ensure that you experience minimal downtime to your operations, we  recommend that you keep extra printheads on hand which allows for a quick swap out and avoids downtime. 

Thermal Transfer – involves the thermal printhead elements (dots) heating the backside of a thermal transfer ribbon to melt and transfer the compounds on the front side of the ribbon to the label material , thus creating the printed image. 


Direct thermal – requires a heat sensitive paper or film material. The thermal printhead elements come in direct contact with the heat sensitive label material, where the heat from the elements cause a color change in the material to create the printed image. 

Zebra, Videojet, TSC, Toshiba TEC, SATO, Printronix, Norwood, Markem-Imaje, Intermec, Domino, Datamax, CAB, Bizerba, and Bell-Mark

As a general rule of thumb we recommend cleaning the printhead when you change the roll of media or the thermal transfer ribbon. An accumulation of dirt, dust or other contaminants on a printhead can result in poor quality, unreadable barcodes.  When cleaning the printhead, be sure to use a clean swab dipped in 99.7% isopropyl alcohol. 

Most printer will have a label on the underneath listing the model number – through this model number you will be able to identify not only what model printer you have but also the DPI of your printer. If you are still unsure, simply get in touch with us with the serial number or product code and we’ll be able to let you know exactly which printhead you require. 

DPI stand for Dots Per Inch and is a measure of a printer’s resolution. The higher the number the finer the print will be. Most applications are suitable at 203 dpi but in cases where logos/ images or very small labels are being made you will want 300 or 600 dpi.

We carry Thermal transfer, tinted, fanfold, removeable and continuous labels. Find them here :

Both! We can preprint your labels using our printing technology, or we can sell you blank labels so you can do the printing yourself.

Nothing! Our label samples are free & their shipping is on us! We believe testing labels in the environment & circumstances you’re going to use them in is one of the most important parts of serving you, our customers.

We carry Wax ribbons, Wax/resin ribbons, & Resin ribbons 

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